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Ericka Hofmeyer

PhD, LMFT, Psychotherapy
Licensed in: CA, FL, MI, and DE
Board Certified Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Ericka Hofmeyer

Dr. Ericka Hofmeyer is a psychotherapist licensed in CA, FL, DE and MI. She received her MA in psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Pacific Graduate Institute. She trained with psychoanalysts, provided psychological testing and assessments, developed behavioral health training modules, established programming for young adults with neurodivergence, and completed her dissertation with Women In Long Term Recovery From Alcoholism.

Dr. Hofmeyer served in positions throughout Southern California as a behavioral health clinical director and supervisor, establishing inclusive treatment teams built on mutual trust and a clear vision. She created program content, curriculum guidelines, and policy writing for a prestigious California-based women’s trauma center.

In her therapeutic work, Dr. Hofmeyer is an EMDR trained, Jungian informed, holistic psychotherapist with experience in dream analysis, mindfulness, anxiety and depression, addiction, sleep issues, neurodivergence, and trauma. She studies intergenerational family patterns and identifies links to patients’ current behaviors. She utilizes practical resources from cognitive and behavioral treatments including: DBT, CBT and ACT as well as exposure and response prevention (ERP) treatment for obsessive/compulsive aspects. Dr. Hofmeyer works with patients of all ages and orientations.

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