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Carative Theory

The philosophy and theory of human caring. 

Carative is the philosophy and theory of human caring. Dr. Jean Watson uses the term “carative” instead of “curative” to distinguish between nursing and medicine.

1. “The formation of a humanistic-altruistic system of values” “Practice of loving-kindness and equanimity within the context of caring consciousness”


2. “The instillation of faith-hope” “Being authentically present and enabling and sustaining the deep belief system and subjective life-world of self and one being cared for”


3. “The cultivation of sensitivity to one’s self and to others” “Cultivation of one’s own spiritual practices and transpersonal self going beyond the ego self”


4. “Development of a helping-trust relationship” became “development of a helping-trusting, human caring relation” (in 2004 Watson website) “Developing and sustaining a helping trusting authentic caring relationship”


5. “The promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings” “Being present to, and supportive of, the expression of positive and negative feelings as a connection with deeper spirit and self and the one-being-cared for”


6. “The systematic use of the scientific problem solving method for decision making” became “systematic use of a creative problem solving caring process” (in 2004 Watson website) “Creative use of self and all ways of knowing as part of the caring process; to engage in the artistry of caring-healing practices”


7. “The promotion of transpersonal teaching-learning” “Engaging in genuine teaching-learning experience that attends to unity of being and meaning, attempting to stay within others’ frame of reference”


8. “The provision of supportive, protective, and (or) corrective mental, physical, societal, and spiritual environment” “Creating healing environment at all levels (physical as well as nonphysical, subtle environment of energy and consciousness, whereby wholeness, beauty, comfort, dignity, and peace are potentiated)”


9. “The assistance with gratification of human needs” “Assisting with basic needs, with an intentional caring consciousness, administering ‘human care essentials,’ which potentiate alignment of mind body spirit, wholeness, and unity of being in all aspects of care” Please give me a bio - stuff you would like potential patients to know about you. 


10. “The allowance for existential-phenomenological forces” became “allowance for existential phenomenological spiritual forces” (in 2004 Watson website) “Opening and attending to spiritual mysterious and existential dimensions of one’s own life-death; soul care for self and the one-being-cared for."

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