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Carative Psychiatry Fee Schedule


  • Follow up re-evaluations / medication managements - $200 

  • Follow up medication management/ medication changes visit $150

  • Patient initiated telephone calls.  Scheduling or calls initiated by your provider are excluded from this charge. This is not usually billable to insurance.

    • 5 to 10 minutes - $15 

    • 11 to 20 minutes - $25 

    • 21 to 30 minutes - $50  

  • Medical records preparation (paper copy) - $25 flat fee
    (not billable to insurance)

  • Emotional Support Animal letter / additional forms - $50.00 flat fee (not billable to insurance)  

  • Disability forms/ paperwork - $50.00-$150.00 for each submission of paperwork (not billable to insurance)

  • Court hearings or any court appearances will be charged $500 in 4-hour increments, each additional 4-hour increment is charged $500. this fee is payable before court appearance and will be charged to credit card on file.


  • 60-Minute Nurse Practitioner Appointment No-Show Fee: $150

  • 20-Minute Nurse Practitioner Appointment No-Show Fee: $100

  • Therapy Appointment No-Show Fee: $100


Payment for co-pays, co-insurances, and deductibles will be due before services rendered and billed to a credit card on file.  If you are a cash paying patient without insurance, that payment is due before your visit as well. Payment is expected 24 hrs prior to services rendered.

Fees may be subject to change periodically.  If our fees increase, we will provide you a 30-day notice to alert you of all the changes. 


Carative Psychiatry accepts payment in the form of FSA, HSA, credit card, and or debit card. Carative Psychiatry is in-network with some insurances at this time and is in the application process with other major health insurances.  Payment is expected 24 hrs prior to services rendered.

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