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Our Philosphy

Our Philosophy


Welcome to Carative Psychiatry! Our mission is to enhance wellness and motivate self-improvement by strengthening minds. We offer high-quality health care for patients seeking a trustworthy long-term psychiatric provider who can provide medication management and supportive counseling.


Carative Psychiatry providers will work closely with other professionals to provide the most comprehensive care for our clients and families. In addition, we collaborate with specialists in your area to support your total health and wellness.

At Carative Psychiatry, we desire to provide health services to our clients that focus on improving their mental health but also educating and preventing future issues. Carative Psychiatry is a Nurse practitioner-owned psychiatric practice that uses evidenced based practice to improve the quality of life of their clients.

The providers at Carative Psychiatry provide care to their patients using medical and mental healthcare models to treat the individual holistically. We are passionate about serving the community and helping others achieve their goals by using the Carative theory factors. Carative factors include being empathetic, instilling faith and hope, cultivating sensitivity to one’s self and others, developing trusting and caring relationships, promoting and accepting your feelings, working toward problem-solving, teaching and promoting self-care, providing a stable spiritual and physical environment for healing, and recognizing and accepting spiritual beliefs while incorporating all disciplines of care. By using these core values, we can help you as our client achieve the best results for your mental health.

Our Providers
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